Product Test: Forum Lighting Range

Product Test: Forum Lighting Range

Boyd Goulden of Complete Finish is back to the day job as he fits some of Forum Lighting’s latest solutions on a recent customer project.

This is regularly a busy time of year for us, with customers looking to upgrade their exterior and garden lighting ahead of the longer evenings and summer nights.

I received a request from a client who wanted a classy looking PIR light for both his driveway and side alley to the front door.

Having assessed a few options, we opted to fit two of the leading ranges from the Forum Lighting collection, with 2 x Sirocco LED twinspot floodlights from the Zinc outdoor range selected, along with 1 x Poole LED downlight from the coast outdoor portfolio.

The Sirocco is a nice looking unit, IP44 rated and features a 3W LED and 480 Lumens. PIR detection offers a range of 130˚, with a detection distance maximum of 8m – ample for the customer in question and his requirements.

Fitting was a simple process. You simply start with the terminal box and take off the cover. Mark out the position for the screws for the mouting position (roughly 30mm) and then connect the power cable to the terminal box. Its then a case of fitting the lamp body to the terminal box, adjusting the light direction and tightening up.

The homeowner can use the two controls to change the duration time, with the customer opting for the shorter option of 10 seconds, and this can be adjusted as high as four minutes. The Lux level was set to dark, so the lights come on at the darkest level and not dusk, and the homeowner then played about with it at night to fine tune it to the desired settings.

The twinspot floodlight heads are each movable, allowing the user to adjust them to the required angle – up, down, left and right. A really simple install, with the only downside being that the LED lamps are not replaceable.

Our second item – the Poole downlight – is a 5W, IP65 rated unit that offers a PIR detection range of 160˚. Again, the product is simple enough to install. Power off. Mount the back box and then wire up the unit. Once wired up there are seven small switches all positioned to ‘off’.

The first one positioned nearest to the wires is basically the day or night setting. The other six are all then set to ‘off’ ready for you to switch one of them into the ‘on’ position – the buttons represent 7 secs, 30 secs, 1min, 3min, 5min and 8min.

You then put the casing back on to seal the unit. The only downside here is that I found the little control switches to be quite fiddly, and a mini driver was eventually used to put them into position.

Following the installation the customer has reported good light output from all of the fittings and expressed his delight at the overall result.

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