Product Test: Milwaukee M12 FUEL ¼” Impact Driver

Product Test: Milwaukee M12 FUEL ¼” Impact Driver

Kelly Vincent and Elly White of Kelly Electrics test drive the Milwaukee M12 FUEL sub compact ¼” hex impact driver.

To drive those heavy fasteners like thick screws or twisting nuts, you need a powerful impact driver to do so, and the Milwaukee M12 impact driver certainly isn’t lacking anything in this department.

We’ve been using it on-site for a few months now, and one of the kitchen fitters we were working alongside noticed the tool and asked if he could give it a go while he hung some units above a worktop.

Holding the cabinet with one hand and the M12 impact driver in the other, he had the unit secured in no time and was really impressed (as are we) with the speed, power and control of the drill.

He’s not the only one who has been casting envious glances either, and we’ve had plenty of other trade professionals asking about the unit over the last few months. It’s eye-catching, perfectly sized and really easy to use, so it’s not difficult to see why! I have to admit to a bit of a bad habit of forgetting to adjust my drill between jobs, meaning I often end up with stripped out screws to contend with.

By using the Milwaukee impact driver, however, it’s so easy to switch between drive modes. This is thanks to its four-mode drive control feature which is easily accessible with your thumb, allowing you to use it and switch modes with the same hand. I also love the fact that it’s got a self-tapping screw mode, which is designed to reduce breaking and stripping out screws.

The powerful motor is controlled by a variable speed trigger so it’s easy to regulate how much twist you give it – no over-driving into surfaces, and with the sophisticated REDLINK system and overload protection technology you don’t run the risk of damaging the drill.

This unit balances really comfortably in your hands because of the ergonomic design, and I have to say that the overall attention to detail here is excellent. From the red LED power light on the side to the rubber hand grip design, these small features make a big difference to the end user.

The battery has excellent life and is fully charged in 90 minutes; we’ve been using the drill daily for a few months now without any need to re-charge it. The LED light is also very useful when you’re working in dark places and need that extra light – it’s almost as bright as any of my LED head torches!

One tiny downside from my point of view is the belt clip, which is a little on the small side and doesn’t seem to clip onto anything securely, however this is a minor irririation.

Overall I have to give full credit to Milwaukee for producing an excellent tool that is perfectly sized and will be prove to be a compact and versatile companion for many electrical professionals.

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