Product Test: MK Electric Essentials Range

Product Test: MK Electric Essentials Range

In this review George Robertson gets acquainted with the Essentials range of switches and sockets from MK Electric.

As a brand, MK has always been considered the ‘gold standard’ of wiring devices, so when I was offered the chance to try out the MK Essentials range I didn’t need much convincing. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t

MK Essentials is a range of switches and sockets that feature the usual hallmarks of MK quality and flair but are designed for those jobs where a smaller budget might be available. This has resulted in a well-designed range of white, curved, screwless accessories that honestly wouldn’t look out of place anywhere you fit them.

The range has everything you might need: single and double switched or unswitched socket outlets, (with or without USB ports); cooker controls (single or double, with or without neon indicators); LED dimmers; round pin switch-socket and unswitched socket outlets; and a range of grid plus and euro modules.

I was particularly taken with the switches in both wide rocker and small rocker types, which offer up to four gang, two-way switches on a single back box plate. More to the point, they’re all quick, easy and a delight to fit. The cover plate simply flicks off the back unit but, once in place, this is held firmly in position by four robust pins, while the screw holes on the main body allow enough lateral movement to get the units positioned correctly every time.


MK may have designed these as a ‘budget’ range but they neither look or feel that way when you’re fitting them. If I have one small gripe, it’s that MK didn’t provide me with all the units necessary to replace the switches and sockets that ‘she who must be obeyed’ suddenly decided needed to be changed at home after she’d seen the quality of the ones I fitted!

Having checked the pricing point of the Essentials range at my local suppliers, I was pleasantly surprised. Anyone who knows me well will realise this isn’t something I’d say in jest when it comes to spending my own money.

I’d seriously recommend that other electricians have a look at the Essentials collection, as they could easily become your ‘go to’ accessory range for the future.

At the very least you’ll have the confidence that everything you fit will not only match correctly and look good, but it will also have that MK cachet behind it.

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