Product Test: Ovia’s Inceptor Slate Blacklit LED Panel Lights

Product Test: Ovia’s Inceptor Slate Blacklit LED Panel Lights

Steve Hewish, Approved Electrician at Turrell (Electrical Contractors), tries out one of the leading lights from Ovia’s lighting portfolio – the Inceptor Slate Blacklit LED Panel Light.

Putting the Ovia Inceptor Slate Backlit LED Panel Lights to the test recently has been a real eye opener. The first thing to mention is that the panels feature a UGR <19 diffuser, which makes them perfect for an office or commercial environment.

There are other brands that I’ve tried in the past that have the same diffuser and design on some of their models, but I have to say that this is the first occasion that I’ve realised how effective it is.

The previous LED panels mounted in our office (from another manufacturer) didn’t have the UGR <19 feature and I found that after sitting in the office for more than four or five hours I started to get headaches.

What I’ve learned is that one LED lighting solution doesn’t fit all. For every lighting project you undertake, you need to consider the specific requirements and source the correct LED fitting.

For example, if you’re installing LED lighting in a corridor where people are just passing through you don’t necessarily need to utilise a unit with a UGR <19 rating. You are, however, going to get far less complaints from people working in offices (and therefore less call backs) if you fit this specification of panel from the get-go.

Very few restrictions

The Ovia Inceptor Slate ceiling panels are TP(a) as standard. This means they can be used almost without restrictions, unlike TP(b) rated fittings. They are designed to fit standard 600mm x 600mm panel sizes, making them an ideal retrofit for existing, less efficient lighting alternatives.

The range includes various options – 30W standard backlit LED panels; 30W 3 in 1 dimmable backlit LED panels; 30W low-glare backlit LED panels and 30W 3 in 1 dimmable, low-glare backlit LED panels. They also come in a choice of warm white, cool white and daylight colour options and they are IP44 rated.

They feature the Click Flow connector which is pre-wired to the panel driver. This is a real bonus as other LED panels I’ve purchased previously haven’t come with any kind of plug-in connection at all, meaning the installer has to purchase one separately or use another form of pre-wired system which might not be easy to work with.

Go with the Flow

Thanks to the Click Flow connector, you can terminate the cables and carry out testing on the circuit before putting the LED panels in place, thus minimising the potential for damage to the driver or the panel itself.

I’ve been really pleased with the Inceptor Slate Backlit Panel. It provides a great light output and is a product that I would certainly recommend to anyone who has a commercial project coming up in the future.

Browse the full Ovia Lighting range here

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