Product Test: Pete ‘Monty’ Monfort reviews the Super Rod R1 R2 Link

Product Test: Pete ‘Monty’ Monfort reviews the Super Rod R1 R2 Link

Pete ‘Monty’ Monfort, Director at Arena Training Centre and Monty Electrics, reviews the Super Rod R1 R2 Link (SRR1R2).

Some of the best inventions are the most simple, and the R1 R2 Link (invented by electrician and lecturer, Wayne Draper) most definitely falls into this category. In a nutshell, it’s designed for the electrical inspector and allows for a speedy connection to be made between the line conductor of a circuit and its associated circuit protective conductor, permitting the measurement of the R1+R2 value.

It comes in a pack of two which includes a 750 mm PZ2, suitable for most devices, and a 750 mm PZ1 for RCBOs with deep terminals.

A real time-saver

One end of the lead features a crocodile clip to attach to the earth bar and the other end has a high strength magnetic pozidrive bit which connects firmly into the screw of the MCB/RCBO, eliminating the need to remove the line conductor. I can vouch for the fact that this really does save time when used on a big board.

In the workshop we tested the strength of the magnet and confirmed it was able to hold its own weight securely. I was also curious to see if the magnet introduced any contact resistance and carried out some continuity tests with an ohmmeter, proving that it worked as well as a screwed connection and did not add any extra resistance.

JTL Apprentice Millie gets to grips with the Super Rod R1 R2 Link

In the training centre it reduced wear and tear on the screw terminals, which unlike many real-life scenarios where screws are torqued and then left alone for a period, ours undergo numerous cycles of disconnection and retorquing on the training rigs.

The trainees and staff really liked the lead set and two of the staff who are still ‘on the tools’ have already purchased a set for their own tool bags.

The Super Rod range is full of time saving and useful tools so it’s no surprise that this has been added to the portfolio. It’s an absolute winner of a product that offers a great solution to a common problem at a very reasonable price point.

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