Product Test: Prime GTX Low Safety Trainers from Solid Gear

Product Test: Prime GTX Low Safety Trainers from Solid Gear

Keen to slip his feet into something my comfortable, Steve Hewish of Turrell (Electrical Contractors) tries out the Prime GTX Low Safety Trainers from Solid Gear.

Having had the pleasure of wearing the Solid Gear Prime GTX Low Safety Trainers for a few months now, all I can say is ‘Wow’! I never imagined the day where I’d be equally comfortable with wearing what is essentially a pair of work safety trainers, in my leisure time as well, but these are genuinely as comfy as any pair of everyday trainers I’ve worn before.

Boa’ doesn’t constrict

Much like previous models of Solid Gear safety trainers on the market, they feature the ‘Boa’ system as standard, ensuring minimal fuss on those occasions where you have to slip them on/off regularly. This is particularly handy when you’re working in a domestic premises with new carpets and you realise you’ve forgotten to pack the boot covers!

The only slight downside I’ve found with the Boa system on these trainers is that it is located on the dominant side of the trainer, whereas on previous Solid Gear variants it has been located in the middle, ensuring you can use one hand to undo both Boa clips without swapping hands. Others may well prefer the new set-up, however.

The Gore-Tex stretch material bends and flexes around your foot, making it a perfect item of footwear if you rack up a lot of walking mileage throughout the day. The shoes also offer water resistance, which is a welcome change to some cheaper brands that claim to offer such properties but you soon end up with wet feet when walking through a shallow puddle.

Try them for size

Solid Gear is also one of the very few brands to offer a large range of sizes. I’m forever seeing posts on social media from trades professionals (both female and male) with above average sized feet enquiring where to buy boots/trainers, as they’re often not available from high street stores. Solid Gear Prime GTX boots come in UK 3 – 13 sizes, which should definitely ensure most individuals are covered.


Browse the Solid Gear Prime GTX Low Safety training product data sheet here

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