Product Test: Q Acoustics E120 Installed Wireless Audio System

Product Test: Q Acoustics E120 Installed Wireless Audio System

In this product review, Howard Mitchell, Owner at H M Property Services, reveals whether he likes the sound of the Q Acoustics E120 installed Wireless Audio System.

With the ever-increasing boom for in-home technology devices and music streaming, Q Acoustics is a brand that has been making some serious noises in recent times, especially since the latest offering – the E120 – was launched to market.

The E120 is a fully wired, non-intrusive single room home audio system that is installed neatly within the building’s fabric with no unsightly cables or bulky speakers like those old hi-fi systems of yesteryear. The technology has moved on too with features like DAB+ digital radio, Bluetooth 5.0 for wirelessly streaming music from a device and a separate digital input for hard wiring a device like a TV for that enhanced sound experience.”

What really strikes a chord is how intuitive and simple the kit is to install with everything for a standard installation supplied neatly packaged and ready to go straight out of the box, with the exception of a wide choice of speakers which are supplied separately. It comes with a 5 metre power supply which should be more than adequate for most installations, and can be hidden and plugged into the nearest socket.

You’ll find the control panel with its touch buttons and included splashproof mini remote simple to use, even for those with the most basic knowledge of technology. Its small footprint fits into the supplied 45 mm two gang fast-fix box for stud wall installations and protrudes just slightly from the wall in either a glossy white or black finish. Despite its size, the 3.2” colour screen is clear and bright and would be ideally placed next to a light switch or above a kitchen worktop.

A supplied gasket ensures that the E120 can be fitted in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens thanks to its IP54 rating, which is perfect for when you’re hosting those kitchen discos or being a diva in the shower!

Built in DAB+ and FM radio requires the use of the supplied internal aerial which can be hidden, although for best results and depending on the building fabric, this can be connected to an external DAB aerial. Whilst operating in DAB+ mode the screen will show details transmitted by radio stations such as the current song where available and if you’re constantly switching to avoid the adverts you’ll appreciate having five preset buttons to easily access your favourite stations with a single touch.

Q Acoustics offers a range of speakers to suit every installation environment so you’ll never miss a beat, including bathrooms and gardens, with wall, ceiling or shelf-mounted options. Both the QI65CW 6.5” weatherproof ceiling speakers and QI80 indoor speakers are impressively made with high-quality connectors, with the latter fitting discretely into a ceiling despite its size. There’s the option to use the speakers as either stereo – left and right – or dual mono where the left and right channels are combined into one speaker for versatility.

The all-important sound quality will be music to your ears from immersive and clear tones to fill most domestic rooms thanks to its 2 x 25W power, and although the lower bass end does lack at times (as most small speaker systems do) there’s a built in equaliser to fine tune the audio and option to utilise the rear analogue audio output to plug into a subwoofer for a real boom to shake the room!

Speaker cut-out templates are supplied as well as a decorative cover grille that can be easily clipped on/off after the initial installation, meaning you don’t have to worry about the look getting spoilt when decorating.

Overall, the E120 delivers great value for money and is an easy to install entry into the home audio market for both installers and end users alike.

For electricians, the product offers an exciting opportunity to offer clients new options when considering refurbishments or retrofitting into existing installations, whilst for clients it’s an opportunity to take a step into the integrated home audio market with a budget-friendly, compact system.

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