Product Test: Snickers Summer Workwear

Product Test: Snickers Summer Workwear

With the warmer summer weather often extending into the autumn months nowadays, electricians are crying out for garments that can keep them cool on-site. Steve Hewish slips into a selection of the latest gear from Snickers Workwear to see if it’s up to the job.

2422-3995 t-shirt multipack
These t-shirts are ideal for warmer weather as they’re constructed of a breathable fabric and are very forgiving to most tasks that you carry out.

The garments I was sent were dark coloured, which isn’t always the best for sunny weather, however one bonus is that it doesn’t show sweat patches as much if you’re carrying out a particularly strenuous task.

There are lighter coloured t-shirts in this range which others may prefer, though colour is obviously a personal choice for the individual.

One particular feature I appreciated is the lack of a breast pocket, which differs from last year’s range. Also, the new printed designs make the t-shirts more attractive as a work garment or for casual wear in your day-to-day tasks.

6153 shorts
These shorts are constructed of two different types of stretch material which allows the wearer to bend and flex into any position that you require. Even without the holster pockets, you still have ample side pockets to house a couple of those essential day-to-day tools. 6108 shorts

Similar to the 6153 shorts, but with the added bonus of detachable holster pockets, the 6108 shorts give you the best of both worlds. While you’re working you can have your holster pockets attached with all the tools that you need, but then before leaving the job you can unzip your holster pockets and detach them from the main body of the shorts.

The holster pockets also have dividers in them which accommodate different tools or items such as pens and pencils. The two pockets are interchangeable, so if you have a particular side that you prefer to keep certain tools, you can fit that pocket on the dominant side of your shorts – a very useful feature.

As part of the LiteWork range of products, the shorts are constructed of stretch material in all areas which require movement to aid comfort and the fabric is breathable, too, which means they’re suitable and comfortable to wear throughout the working day.

Test39448 LiteWork, full zip midlayer
The full zip midlayer is a nice addition to the LiteWork collection as a thin extra layer, made from a UV resistant material that’s designed to minimise sun damage during sunny weather.

The addition of elastic cuffs and waist band minimises the chance of the material catching during the working day, which is good from a safety point of view. The thin construction of the material ensures that you don’t have to get hot and sweaty to benefit from the added UV protection.

9091-2000 cap
This hat is another sun protection essential as it gives you overall coverage of your head, neck and ears. Unfortunately, if you work on a lot of building sites where you’re required to wear a hard hat, its unlikely that the cap will fit underneath. It would be good to see the addition of a neck scarf or snood that’s made of the same lightweight UV resistant material as this could be worn instead.

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