Product Test: Snickers Summer Workwear

Product Test: Snickers Summer Workwear

After loading up with the latest workwear from Snickers, Steve Hewish of Turrell Electrical Contractors looks at whether they’ll make worthy additions to your summer on-site wardrobe.

Solid Gear Haze Safety Trainer

Put simply, these are comfiest safety trainer I’ve had the pleasure of wearing. They’re so easy to walk in, slip on and off easily thanks to the Boa system, and felt almost invisible when working and driving. These are the perfect safety trainer for those trades that work indoors or in dry working conditions, but are less suited to a damp environment, as I found out when getting wet feet after taking a walk through a puddle on the way to site. I believe there is a boot version in the Haze range that is more weather resistant, so that is probably your better choice when working in such conditions.

2708 Polo Shirt

I feel like I’m part of a generation that don’t necessarily see the point in a breast pocket on a polo shirt, as featured on this garment, as the only thing I’d find use for is to clip an ID badge onto it, and the majority of ID badges for sites are now in lanyard. That said, this polo shirt has a really comfortable fit, is lightweight and breathable and is great for hot weather conditions. I also find polo’s to be smarter in appearance than a standard t-shirt.

2502 T-shirt

This features a nice lightweight material that keeps you cool in warm conditions and is stretchy for manoeuvrability,. It’s also useful as an extra layer when it gets a bit colder or when you’re doing an active job that doesn’t need as much of a presentable attire for clients.

8004 Technology Fleece

This is a very smart-looking fleece that’s particular suitable for when the weather is not too cold, but is cold enough to need a second layer. It boasts ample pockets to house your wallet, phone and keys, which is good when you’re wearing it in an active job and your trousers or shorts don’t give you the amount of pocket space you require. Another nice feature of the fleece is the reflective strips, which mean you’re easily visible and could make use of the garment in the evenings or in dark conditions. This fleece is easily versatile enough to be worn throughout the year, so wouldn’t be restricted to just your summer wardrobe.

6413 Flexiwork Stretch-comfort Shorts

I found that these shorts had some really nice features to them. Most importantly, they’re easy to move in (you could do squats in them without an issue), and provide you with real freedom on-site. They also keep you very cool at the same time. The traditional holster pockets are also included, along with a phone pocket that fits a smart phone rather than a Nokia 3210, like previous designs of trousers and shorts. The pockets are also nicely spaced off, so when you put heavy items inside it doesn’t pull the material of the shorts out of shape. This makes them more comfortable to wear over time. The only downside from my side of things was a couple of issues with the sizing on the shorts that I was sent; if you’re an in-between size like myself, you may find the shorts can be too big/small, and not as nicely fitted as the Snickers trousers.

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