Product Test: The C.K MightyScope inspection camera

Product Test: The C.K MightyScope inspection camera

Always keen to take a closer look at the latest tools and accessories, this month George Robertson reviews the C.K MightyScope inspection camera.

The C.K MightyScope inspection camera is an amazing little bit of kit. At only 3.5” long and 1” wide it can get into spaces and difficult to reach spots that others simply can’t. What’s more, the team at C.K has managed to pack it with a host of helpful features.

Getting started is easy. You simply download the free App, on either iOS or Android, turn on the MightyScope, connect your device to the camera’s Wi-Fi hotspot and you’re ready to go. The App is easy to use and understand, with six icons explaining/indicating all the features available to the user and a ‘help’ icon is there to get you started if you need a bit of guidance.

The hotspot has a decent range of 15 metres (or 50 ft) and I’ve had no connection or drop-out problems with it in the time I’ve been using the product. The internal Li-on battery will give you up to 90 minutes operating time, dependant on the MightyScope’s LED’s brightness level, which is more than ample. A Quick Charge USB-C ensures full battery charge (from zero) in around 100 minutes.

All is bright

In use, the product is lovely and compact and feels of good quality, and I’ve soon found that the ‘always up’ full screen display mode works best for me as it means I don’t have to worry about, or constantly adjust, the camera orientation. It’s refreshing not to have to fiddle with the rods to try to get a picture that makes sense. The bright white LEDs can be adjusted from the App to view in complete darkness when pushed into dark and confined spaces, helping you to investigate and diagnose problems.

Storing photos or videos is a doddle – you just tap the camera or video icon on the screen and when you want to see the fruits of your labours you simply press the files icon. The images are taken at 720p HD and you can zoom in or out using the normal two finger pinch method. The photos and videos can then be accessed and exported from your phone or tablet’s photo gallery as usual.

One further bit of evidence that the MightyScope is so easy to use comes from the fact that the apprentice (pictured) has taken to it like a duck to water. It’s just a good job the MightyScope is both waterproof and dustproof!!

If all of that isn’t enough for you, C.K also provides a padded EVA case to keep the MightyScope safe and secure, a flexible gooseneck, a polycarbonate hook and separate magnet accessory for cable retrieval, a locking adapter to keep those accessories secure when in use, spare O rings to maintain the integrity of the base unit and both male and female thread adaptors so you can connect to all quarter inch rods.

Visit the C.K MightyScope product information page online here

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