Product Test: The IDEAL 61-847 Dual Laser Targeting Infrared Thermometer

Product Test: The IDEAL 61-847 Dual Laser Targeting Infrared Thermometer

This month Reece Hardy tries out the IDEAL 61-847 Dual Laser Targeting Infrared Thermometer

The IDEAL 61-847 Dual Laser Targeting Infrared Thermometer (IRT) is a non-contact temperature remote sensing thermometer which utilises dual laser beams to define the outside edges of the area where the temperature will be measured, increasing accuracy for the user. The idea here is that an imaginary circle can be drawn between the upper/lower dots and the unit will use the distance in between as the sensing area.

The instrument uses 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries and these are supplied with a certificate of conformance and user manual in a blister pack. It boasts a large,easy to read LCD screen with integrated selectable back light to allow for safer/faster work in poorly lit environments while the unit’s robust, industrial design and lanyard tie-off point allows for better gripping and ensures that the unit can withstand a drop from up to 2 metres.

In use, the product us very light to handle and I like the fact that there are function buttons included at the rear so the display can be viewed simultaneously.

Functions available to the user include: temperature limits, laser on/off, audible beep on/off (allowing the meter to be operated with a visual only indication when working in noise sensitive/restricted areas), emissivity setting, low battery, scan/hold (which constantly updates the temperature readings in the display as different targets are scanned) and a secondary screen with four different modes – ‘Max’, ‘Min’, ‘Average’ and‘Difference’ values of the most recent scan you’ve carried out.

The Hi and Lo temperature alarms and emissivity are all user programmable and the lock measurement setting allows for temperature measurement over a period of time (from one minute to five hours) with the unit being mounted on a standard camera tripod.

The IRT measures temperatures from-26° to 932°F (-32° to 500°C), with a 12:1 distance to spot ratio, meaning measurements of 1 inch can be taken accurately from as far as 12 inches away. I worked out that the average distance of measurement is about 600mm.

Laser targeting system

Furthermore, the LCD backlit display can be illuminated when working in poor or zero lighting conditions and the laser targeting system can be turned on and off at the user’s discretion. The unit’s display will liven up when triggered and will stay active until there is a time out in the user’s operation.

This is a solid and accurate tool that I’ve managed to get plenty of use from. There are some nice functions that you wouldn’t find on comparative units and I’d recommend that you give it a look if you’re in the market for this type of product.

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