Product Test: Werner 717 Series platform step ladder

Product Test: Werner 717 Series platform step ladder

Gary Fisher of Lougar Electrical proves he has a head for heights as he road tests the Werner 717 series platform step ladder.

I like a good set of steps, but I’ll be honest and say that it’s been a while since I’ve had a really good, reliable set. I’m not a huge fan of some of the more traditional materials that have been used in recent times, with aluminium and wooden being the main choice available.

I remember getting an electric shock from a pair of aluminium ladders when I was carrying them through a building site many years ago, and as for my trusted wooden pair, I was forever having to redo the screws and keep the strength in them.

Thankfully, in this modern era we now have fibreglass ladders available to us, which are light in construction and, more importantly, non-conductive.

Werner is a well known name, particularly in the building side of the trades sector, so I was only too pleased to give one of its fibreglass offerings – the 717 series platform ladder – a trial run.

My first reaction when handling the steps was how solid and well-built they felt – heavier than other fibreglass step ladders I’ve used in the past. The unit I received was the five-tread variery and the seven-layer fibreglass rails that Werner uses in this unit’s construction ensures its highly resistant to outdoor conditions and ideal for trade use.

ActionAnother example of the sturdiness of the step ladder can be found through the use of an EDGE brace attached to the bottom end of the unit (where the feet are), on both the front and back. This provides enhanced strength and increased protection, and further aids the process of the ladder staying firmly in one place when in use.

The steps are all anti-slip, so if you’re using them in wet or slippery conditions you’ll feel more confident that you won’t slip or fall off.

The top step acts as the platform area and provides you with the room to easily position yourself with both feet if you require extra height at any stage. I felt safe and secure every time I used this steel platform, which can’t be said for some other ladders I’ve used in the past and have felt more like a death trap.

The ladder features a multi-functional HolsterTop to keep your tools organised and close to hand, limiting trips up and down the ladder. It’s also approved to the latest EN131 standard, so another assurance of quality for the user.

I’ve managed to get some really good use out of this step ladder now, and have found them up to the job on every occasion they’ve been required. They’re a solid and rugged set that feel like they’re made for the trades, rather than the DIY market.

Now that we’re getting back to some sort of normality in our working lives, I’m sure these steps will take even more of a bashing on a daily basis. They’re far too well made, however, to give me any cause for concern and I’m confident they’ll stand up to whatever is put in front of them over the next few months.

Watch a Werner 717 Series promotional video by clicking here


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