Protect your tools and equipment with Burg-Wächter

Protect your tools and equipment with Burg-Wächter

Burg-Wächter, the leading security specialist, has launched a new hardened Round Shackleless Padlock.

Offering a high level of security, the hidden shackle on this padlock makes it extremely difficult to attack and ideal for pairing with heavy duty hasps, allowing you to offer your customers the very best when it comes to security.

Strong and sturdy protection

Thieves tend to target the shackle on a padlock to saw or bolt crop as it is the weakest part of the lock. The Round Shackleless Padlock does away with a traditional exposed shackle, featuring a completely hidden internal shackle which is protected by a strong steel padlock body. The padlock body comes chemically hardened to protect it from cutting and bolt attacks, giving added strength when it comes to protecting expensive tools and equipment. The lock is perfect for use outdoors too, as it boasts a rustproof locking mechanism to offer long and reliable operation.

Top notch security for vehicles

The Round Shackleless Padlock can be paired with the specialised heavy-duty hasp to create a robust locking solution for vans and vehicles, and provides additional security especially for those working in trades where tools are stolen by attacking the manufacturer fitted locks. Made from hardened steel for extra strength, the hasp can be fitted to each of the van doors and locked tightly into place together with the Round Shackleless Padlock, preventing would-be thieves from gaining entry and stealing valuable equipment.

For more information on the Round Shackleless Padlock or any other Burg-Wächter home security products, click here or call 01274 395 333.

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