How Rhino Turns a Business into a Retirement Nest Egg

How Rhino Turns a Business into a Retirement Nest Egg

The Rhino Small Business App can be easily used to capture and safeguard small and medium sized business owners’ valuable information for the day when they decide to retire or sell.

Rhino manages contacts, appointments, notes, estimates, invoices, expenses, accounts and more, all on the go. Rhino customers organise their businesses from their phones in the moment – in the car or van, at the customer’s premises, in a coffee shop. The efficiency benefits are proven and help to deliver the goal of Rhino founder Eugene Blaine to ‘give people their evenings and weekends back’.

But Rhino goes further. “In addition to storing the Invoice and Expense information, Rhino also saves all the other stuff that includes customer notes and appointments, estimates, and details of jobs. All will help a potential buyer to get a good appreciation of the real underlying trading relationship that a business has with its customers” claims Blaine. “Rhino can also marshal instant totals for trade across the months and years. It provides a documented trail of the business financials and leads to an easy valuation. In short, it can help to transform the business into its owner’s pension.”

With the Rhino Small Business App designed and built from the ground up for use on smartphones and tablets, its full feature set is available via the mobile device, including real-time financial data. “Business owners can use this to take a snapshot at any time to make decisions, submit their annual tax and obtain trading totals for the entire business when it’s time to sell up,” explains Blaine.

While Rhino can give sole traders and small business owners their evenings and weekends back, Blaine admits that the bigger prize is equally appealing: “Yes, we made Rhino fully-functional yet simple to alleviate the day-to-day admin burden that often eats into personal time. But we also focussed on capturing and safeguarding the customer’s trading history. That’s vital to ensure that a potential buyer can arrive at a true valuation when the owner eventually decides to retire or sell the business.”

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