Rolec EV | UltraSMART EV

Rolec EV | UltraSMART EV

UK charge point manufacturer, Rolec EV, has recently expanded upon the range of features available through its UltraSMART EV intelligent smart technology platform.

The platform has been designed to provide an EV charging network operator – from a large fleet operation through to an international airport – with the ability to deploy all aspects of EV charging within a tailor made management solution.

In addition to its ability to manage extensive charge point networks at home, in the workplace and in public, UltraSMART EV has now broadened its capabilities to incorporate a range of impressive new features, including:

Battery Storage Integration – Provides UltraSMART EV with the ability to call upon previously stored battery power as/when required. This feature can also direct renewable power sources such as wind turbines and solar.

GridSMART – Allows UltraSMART EV to monitor, manage and balance EV charging networks on a regional scale across the grid.

Third Party Connectivity – Enables UltraSMART EV to connect to third party operators, including utility companies, councils, etc.

Load Manager – Provides UltraSMART EV with the ability to efficiently manage EV charging networks, even when electricity availability is limited.

DC Rapid Charge Integration – This feature enables UltraSMART EV to interact with third party DC Rapid Chargers and, when required, connect them to Rolec’s EV Charge Online Pay-As-You-Go charging system.

For more information about Rolec’s UltraSMART EV platform, visit:

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