Safer, faster suspension saves time and money on university building | Gripple Case Study

Safer, faster suspension saves time and money on university building | Gripple Case Study

When the University of Sheffield decided to invest in its advanced manufacturing capabilities, it began construction of the Royce Discovery Centre in the city. Created to provide an innovative, research-focussed facility, the additional laboratory space was to boost its engineering facilities.

With a double height workshop area, the central focus of the city-centre building and time constraints imposed by the universities term dates, it was essential that the project was carried out quickly and safely.

Sub-contractor, Elecomm, commissioned Gripple with installing the electrical and mechanical containment, which not only brought the project in ahead of time, saving almost three months on site, it reduced the health and safety risks significantly and shaved around £13,400 in labour expenses off the budget.

Work had already begun to install electrical and pipework containment using traditional methods of threaded rod, channel and channel nuts. But the client was looking for a more aesthetic solution that could be installed rapidly to make up time already lost on the project.

After a careful assessment to identify which methods would suit the project, work began to install Gripple’s quick, latest generation, tool-free, trapeze bracket solution, Fast Trak, to secure the remaining pipework and electrical containment on the project. The pre-fabricated system removed the need to cut threaded rod or channel on site and no tools were required as the bracket can be easily moved up and down the tracks to change position during installation and so was a much safer option than traditional methods.

The ease of installation also saved time and reduced the amount of work done at height.

Pipework was also supported by Gripple’s QT Accessory, chosen because it allowed pipes to be installed at varying heights from the bracket which suited the different sized pipes required by the project.

As the client was keen to improve the aesthetics of the area and obscure exposed building services, we then deployed the Fast Trak Bracket Cover which clips to the underside of the bracket, hiding the tracks.

The contractors, who were used to threaded rod methods of suspension, had not used trapeze bracket solutions previously but found that the easy, pre-cut, tool-free solutions were a much simpler and safer solution and were soon converted.

Elecomm completed the project safely, on time and within budget. Mechanical supervisor, explains: “This was our first time using Gripple solutions on a project and the feedback from the guys on-site has been that it’s quicker and easier, and therefore safer to install than traditional rod and strut and gives a really neat finish to the job.

“We’ll definitely be using Fast Trak on our projects going forward, thanks to the health and safety advantages and time savings we gained, plus the excellent customer service we received from Gripple.”

For more information about Gripple and Fast Trak products, visit the Gripple website.

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