The SALUS Smart Home Just Got Smarter!

The SALUS Smart Home Just Got Smarter!

SALUS’ Smart Home range of connected products has been extended yet again with the addition of SR600 Relay – a switch device that enables users to take even more control of their smart home and appliances.

Unlike the SALUS Smartplugs that connect plugged-in appliances to the Smart Home system, the SR600 Relay creates a hardwired semi-permanent solution that is able to control devices such as lighting, electrical heating, and even household appliances. All of this can be controlled from anywhere the user may be by using the SALUS Smarthome App.

Boasting an industry leading rated capacity of 16A, users are able to safely control more appliances, lighting and heating that require more current. Also, for homes with electric heating, this simple switch device brings the same level of control, comfort, and accuracy as found on hydronic and UFH systems.

Installation of the SR600 Relay usually requires an electrician, and the device can be installed either directly into the junction box or discretely wall mounted using the SRS600 Surface Wall Mount Bracket. Once installed, the Relay is simple and quick to set up by simply adding it to the existing SALUS Smart Home system via the Universal Gateway.

Dean Jepson, SALUS’ European Managing Director, comments: “This latest device further extends the flexibility of ourSmart Home system and brings the dream of a fully automated home closer to reality.”

Dean adds: “The Relay switch can be controlled independently or in combination with other devices using the App’s Smartrules function. Now, users can save energy, stay safe, and enjoy the ultimate in convenience and comfort in their own home, and all from the simple touch of a button.”

The SR600 Relay is available from SALUS’ nationwide network of merchants and distributors.A dedicated website is available to support the SALUS Smart Home system. Visit www.salus-smarthome.comAlternatively, contact 01226 323961 for further information.

Photo-caption:Pictured here; the new SR600 Relay from SALUS – a switch device that enables users to take even more control of their Smart Home and household appliances.

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