When the Going Gets Tough – the ‘Tough Shell’ High Bay Gets Going

When the Going Gets Tough – the ‘Tough Shell’ High Bay Gets Going

Integral LED launches a family of luminaires fit for a new industrial world.

Integral LED’s new High Bay luminaire has been designed with today’s advanced logistical hub, warehouse or factory in mind.

The Tough-Shell is an example of a new generation of LED designs that owes little to legacy lighting. Having returned to the fundamental requirements, Integral LED has created a resilient high bay that is very efficient, highly tuned and enabled for an era of digitally controlled industrial environments.

In terms of economy, LED has effectively swept all other light sources aside. Yet in today’s industrial facility the other benefits of LED are equal in terms of importance.

Impact resistance, low maintenance, longevity and compatibility with digital controls are now taking High Bay lighting to a new level. So, when Integral LED planned the ultimate high bay for factories, warehouses and indoor sports facilities, their aim was to use all the advances of LED in one rugged unit.

Tough-Shell is a high bay that runs at a highly efficient 130-150lm/W, delivering significant savings to the customer from the moment of the installation.

It’s a powerful light unit that delivers up to 36,000lm of illumination, enough to provide the recommended functional lighting levels from the existing infrastructure.

Thanks to innovative heat management design, the Tough-Shell’s aluminium body provides a low optimal operating temperature within a high impact casing. Impressively, certain models of the high bay are rated IK10, which is enough to withstand 20 joules of impact. The distinctive conical form factor prevents the accumulation of dust, further cutting down on maintenance.

“There are many virtues to LED lighting beyond energy saving. The Tough-Shell High Bay leverages the robustness of the solid-state light source, the longevity of the luminaire and the highly effective heat management materials currently available. Add design inspiration and we have an example of a true LED solution for the most challenging tasks,” commented Ricardo Colombo, Senior Product Manager, Integral LED.

LED lighting is a perfect partner for digital lighting controls and the new Tough-Shell range can be paired with a movement sensor and other automated control accessories, to enable maximum savings. Options include app control via Zigbee for fine-tuning of a scheme and there is a wide range of accessories too, including reflector hoods and glare reducing diffusers allowing modification of the Tough-Shell High Bay to suit the requirements of any installation.

For more information please visit: https://www.integral-led.com/

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