Product Test: Snickers Workwear Garments

Product Test: Snickers Workwear Garments

Steve Hewish, Approved Electrician at Turrell (Electrical Contractors), slips into the latest gear from the Snickers Workwear stable.

Snickers 6241 AllRoundWork trousers

If you find that your current work trousers are a bit stuffy or not too forgiving of where your body naturally bends, these AllRoundWork trousers are for you.

Indeed, I’ve tried many different brands of trousers in the past that will do the job of being resistant to a tough working day but at the same time they can feel like you’re in an uncomfortable pair of suit trousers.

Instead, the Snickers AllRoundWork trousers with 4-way stretch material feel like you’re wearing a pair of lounge trousers while featuring all of the protection you require against different hazards on the job.

Snickers has even redeveloped the pockets on its latest trousers so they can accommodate the various units on offer from Hultafors Tools, such marking pencils or pocket knives. It’s also easier to access the side pockets (even while wearing gloves) thanks to the inclusion of an easy pull rubber tab on the side pocket.

Snickers D30 knee pads

Unlike previous knee pads I’ve used in the past, the D30 knee pads maintain their shape without relying on the trouser to hold them in position. They also sit over your knees comfortably, protecting them while you work.

Snickers 8025 Flexiwork zip hoodie

If you’re looking for an extra layer on top of your work shirt, but don’t want to be hot under the collar as a result, the Snickers Flexiwork jacket is an ideal solution.

It’s constructed from breathable material and a soft inner layer for extra comfort, and the elasticated cuffs mean that even if you have short arms (like me) your jacket isn’t going to get caught in machinery or power tools whilst you work.

The jackets come in a range of colour combinations to match existing or employer-supplied workwear.

Solid Gear Enforcer GTX

The Solid Gear Enforcer GTX work trainer is definitely a ‘go-to’ footwear choice for electricians that work in domestic and commercial installations as it offers extreme comfort and is flexible enough when crouching down in small cupboard or loft spaces too.

The Gortex coating makes this trainer perfect for wet days on-site, allowing you to walk through (most) puddles without your feet getting wet. The Enforcer GTX also has the bonus of a BOA system, so rather than having to tie up and then undo laces, it’s as quick as two twists of the wrist to put on or remove your shoes.

The composite toe cap also makes the Enforcer GTX ultra-lightweight, minimising unnecessary physical exertion and ensuring you don’t feel as worn down at the end of the working day.

It did take around 10 days for Enforcer GTX to form to my feet but, having chatted to those who do a lot of walking, the general consensus is that good quality footwear does take a bit of time to wear in.



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