Spring Clipping with D-Line

Spring Clipping with D-Line

With the requirement for use of fire-rated cable supports following the 18th Edition release, D-Line has initiated new solutions that can hold cables in blazes over 1000°C.

It is now appreciated that installations must not rely only on plastic clips or saddles, or PVC trunking and conduits, to support cables – the plastics typically melt at only 150°C, but copper wires can survive to 1085°C.

A legacy of lives lost from the horrific consequences of cable entanglement is that cables should never be at risk of premature collapse in fires, but instead must remain supported by fixings able to withstand the heat and stresses of fire conditions.

D-Line were the first company to offer solutions for use in either direct-to-surface or PVC trunkings.

Since 2009, over ten million of D-Line’s U-Clips have been installed – they are produced in the UK from specified high-temperature and pliable steel, with a base hole for screw-fixing and thumb-friendly sides that can be simply folded over to secure cables.

Now, flat-form options, F-Clips, are available too. They have notches that enable forming in seconds to a variety of shapes, while larger versions have tabs that can be return-folded and lockable.

Installers respect how being supplied flat is incredibly user-friendly and space-efficient.

This aim to make compliance quick and easy for installers has also created new one-piece Conduit Clips as labour-saving and stylish alternatives to traditional saddles.

The Conduit Clip tightly wraps around conduits, with only one screw fixing required.

Whereas D-Line’s Safe-D fire-rated range provides F-Clip and Conduit Clip innovations in various sizes, the family also now includes innovative new Spring Clips.

Spring Clips’ Benefits & Features

Produced from sprung-tensioned and specified steel that can withstand over 1200°C; a 50mm long arm stems from an eyelet that can hold a screw-fixing.

Versatility makes the Spring Clip a real gem of a product, as it can be positioned either in trunking or direct-to-surface at a variety of angles.


In other words, it can be swivelled whichever way required, making an effective clamp for holding cables on surfaces.

After fixing the Spring Clips, users simply life the arm before cables are inserted. The tensioned arm can then clip over to secure the cables; this ability to open the arm makes it easy to later add or remove cable.

The angle-of-fixing is adjustable, yet it is only 8mm tall, so these patent-pending Spring Clips are the perfect choice for Size 1 micro-trunkings also.

For peace of mind, just like all D-Line Safe-D products (including the D-Fixing screw that saves the need for wall-plugs), the Spring Clip has been proven to hold cables effectively for two hours in temperatures of up to 970°C.



Users also respect how there are no sharp features, whilst the heightened kink along the arm minimises risk of damage to soft-skin cables.

D-Line cable management products are available from all leading electrical wholesalers, for further information, you can visit www.d-line-it.com.

Alternatively, you can contact D-Line Trade on 01912379156 or trade@d-line-it.com.

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