STALSEN launches a ‘new generation’ of cut resistant gloves: The Rayza RX562 & RX563

STALSEN launches a ‘new generation’ of cut resistant gloves: The Rayza RX562 & RX563

STALSEN have launched a ‘new generation’ of safety gloves; the UK’s first 21-gauge cut resistant gloves, the Rayza RX562 and the Rayza RX563.

In a league of their own, they are the thinnest glove with maximum cut protection (level F). This unique combination means there is now a range of gloves with unrivalled dexterity and flexibility but also with the ultimate in cut protection.

Designed for even the fiddliest of tasks, this range is perfect for where manual precision and touch sensitivity are required. For example, M&E, signalling, technology, and communications. In fact, such is the advanced engineering of this range, three-digit gloves where there is no protection to fingertips or even disposable nitrile gloves for precision tasks should now be a problem in the past, as is the common requirement to remove gloves to carry out work.

An additional benefit to this range is the touchscreen compatibility, meaning smart devices can be operated while keeping gloves on hands, and keeping hands safe.

What is 21-gauge?

21-gauge is brand-new technology, enabling us to develop gloves that are over 16% thinner than the current ‘thinnest 18-gauge’, and 40% thinner than the standard ‘thin 15-gauge’.  Delivering the most second skin-like feel.

“These super-lightweight cut resistant gloves are enabling us to make strides in best practice for hand protection, particularly in the M&E and construction sector where there is a need for dexterity. The development of these gloves is a giant leap towards being the end of fingerless or disposable nitrile gloves or having to remove gloves completely to perform precision tasks” said Kieran Tydeman, Managing Director at STALSEN,” These are gloves, that people actually want to wear because there is no compromise on comfort, functionality or protection and this will undoubtedly reduce hand injuries”.

The Rayza RX562 and RX563 are available immediately, feel free to request a sample or get in touch with STALSEN on +44 (0) 1394 447089.

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