Super Rod’s Mega Set

Super Rod’s Mega Set

Gina Dunn from Super Rod highlights the problem solving potential of the Mega Set cable routing kit.

With over 16m (52ft) of length,the Mega Set gives you five different rod flexibilitychoices with an extensive range of attachments The rods are manufactured in the UK using Adoxim 5 a material that has been specifically designed to reduce splintering and increase flexibility. The Mega Set is undoubtedly the most comprehensive cable routing kit we have produced at Super Rod. We don’t want you to just take our word for it though, here are 12 challenges our kit can help you overcome according to our customers in the UK who have been using the kit for years.

1. Challenge: Rods snagging on the plaster inside walls, or any other obstacle hidden from sight.

Solution: Attach the Domed Bullet to the 175mm Flexi Lead and then simply ride over any obstacle.

2. Challenge: Working in a loft with poor visibility, I cannot see where to direct my rods.

a. You can use the Glow Rod included in the set. Its fluorescent material ensures you can see your rods in the most challenging of environments.
b. Alternatively, attach the Super Beam to the end of the rod. It’s so bright it will light up the entire loft!

3. Challenge: Fishing the rods in the loft space (again) and struggling to navigate your way through all of the insulation and joists.

Solution: Use the Glider – it simply bounces across the surface.

4. Challenge: I’m working with some data cables and want to prevent them twisting during the installation.

Solution: Use one of the three swivel rods included in the kit. They allow any twists from the drum to be eliminated, ensuring a smooth run every time.

5. Challenge: My hands are too big to fit into the wall to pull the rods through the last few feet of the run.

Solution: Attach the Chain to the end of the rod and then use the Black Flexi Lead with the Super Magnet to pull the Chain through to your access point.

6. Challenge: I’ve just pulled in some Cat 5e and now I need to install some alarm cables, but I’m too lazy to get the smaller Super Grip out!

Solution: Simply fold the cable over doubling the diameter and the cable will fit in the Super Grip nicely.

“The Mega Set is undoubtedly the most comprehensive cable routing kit we have produced at Super Rod.”

7. Challenge: I’ve just finished a “first fix” for a client and they are looking for additional sockets alongside the existing ones, but my fingers are too fat to feed the cable from one to another.

Solution: Use the Black Flexi Lead. It can sneak into places even the most nimble of fingers can’t access!

8. Challenge: I have had my rods a while now and they are becoming difficult to fully screw together.

a. Firstly – use either of the Flat Bullet or the Domed Bullet to prevent the threads being filled with debris.
b. Secondly – if they are clogged up, use the Flat Bullet with its re-threader to clean out the debris.

9. Challenge: The angle is just too tight for my rods. I am worried I am going to push them beyond their limits.

Solution: Use the one metre of flexible Nylon Rod. It’s that flexible, you can even tie it in a knot!

10.Challenge: I’ve just dropped my expensive snips down a cavity!Super-Rod-Mega-Set-Plus

Solution: The Super Magnet comes to the rescue! This magnet is strong enough to pick up a 2.5kg lump hammer.

11. Challenge: I’ve been using The Mega Set tube as a cable spooler, but it keeps rolling off my milk crate!

Solution: Pop down to your local wholesalers and pick up a Cable Jack. Simply fix the legs to your exisiting tube and then you can use the smaller tube to store your drill bits in.

12.Challenge: I now have so much kit, I struggle to keep it all together in one place.

Solution: Get yourself a Super Rod Carry Case! There is more than enough room for two sets of rods plus loads of handy pockets for additional bits and pieces.

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