TCP Introduce Smart Tech Products

TCP Introduce Smart Tech Products

“Hey Google… turn on the kitchen lights!”

Technology is changing. A good example is the millions of Smart speakers (Alexa and Google Assistant) that have been (and will be) installed in homes and businesses throughout the UK.

The adoption of smart speakers will change the way we interact with our homes and offices.

Through Alexa and Google Assistant compatible devices, “Alexa, put the kettle on…” will become second nature.

To help users take their smart solutions a step further, TCP has announced the launch of 14 new Smart Tech products, including smart lights, video doorbell, a security camera and more.

TCP Smart products can be installed quickly and, unlike many other smart products, do not require an expensive hub as they’re all WiFi-based and controlled under one TCP Smart app.

You simply plug the product in, download the TCP Smart app and enter your WiFi passcode; you then have full control over lights, doorbells or cameras through your phone.

For voice control, you simply download the skill to your Alexa or Google smart speaker.

Standout products from the bunch include TCP’s Smart LED downlights, which, once installed, can be grouped and set to smart schedules to control your lights automatically.

For example, turn on at sunset, or off at midnight, or program your lights to turn off automatically when you’re a mile away from your home using IFTTT.

Or, if you prefer, simply turn them on with a voice command. The opportunities are endless, yet as simple as setting an alarm on your phone.

For more information on TCP’s Smart tech range, visit:

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