Product Test: C.K Magma Test Equipment Case

Product Test: C.K Magma Test Equipment Case

In search of a product that could help to keep his precious MFT safe and accessible, PE Product Tester, Len Lilley, tries out the new C.K Magma Test Equipment Case.

What first attracted you to the product?
As a regular user of its gear I know that C.K provides good quality products, and the tools are  particularly robust. The newly launched MFT carrying case was a further opportunity for me to sample some of the newer products from the brand and to fulfil a need I have for a suitable and safe way of carrying expensive tools around.

What were your first impressions of the product?
The strong, robust and stylish case is a real cracker. It’s a good, handy size and the compactness is particularly useful when carrying to and from jobs. Another aspect I like is that it looks very professional and was easy to keep clean due to the underside having rubber feet which kept the case from making direct contact with the floor and other surfaces.

How easy was the product to use?
It was very simple to work and I had no problems with finding a use for all of the pockets. Each pocket has good, strong zips and operates smoothly for easy access on the go.

C.K Magma-Equipment-Case-Strap-JulAug17

What type of tasks did you use the MFT case for?
I used the case on a daily basis whilst working in a domestic environment and it fitted the bill perfectly for me. I kept it in my van with all of the other tools when I was travelling and the strong and robust case
kept the MFT nice and safe from bumps and bangs.

Are there any features/benefits you particularly liked?
The pockets really are a stand-out item for me as, along with your MFT, you can store plenty of useful tools elsewhere in the case and keep your cables and testing accessories neat and tidy. As any spark will know, the MFT is an expensive piece of kit, so the padded compartment it was housed in was perfect.

C.K Magma-Equipment-Case-Open-JulAug17

Any improvements you’d make?
It would be handy if there was an additional pocket that was A4 in size so that we electricians can keep the certificate pads that we complete for each job tucked away with the MFT.

Would you recommend the product to other electricians?
In my opinion, it’s far superior to the hard cases supplied by the tester manufacturers that I’ve had in the past. The pockets are excellent for carrying all the tools you need with the tester, and there are some great other features that electricians will find helpful. In conclusion, it’s a first-class piece of kit!

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