Product Test: C.K tools MightyRod PRO Kit

Product Test: C.K tools MightyRod PRO Kit

Product tester George Robertson gives us his verdict on the MightyRod PRO cable rod set from C.K tools.

A decent rod set might not be the most breathtakingly technical addition to an electrician’s toolbox but the time they save when you’re running cable under floors, over ceilings or in stud walls is always worthwhile.

C.K’s recently launched MightyRod PRO cable rods set is a good quality and easy-to-use addition to the market.

The kit consists of 1 x 1m long rigid rod (7mm in diameter), 8 x 1m flexible rods (6mm in diameter), 1 x 1m “glow in the dark” phosphorescent rod (6mm in diameter) and 1 x innovative, super flexible SPIRAFLEX rod (4mm in diameter).

Each rod features triple fixed ferrules (glued, indented and crimped) to make sure they stay where they’re supposed to when you’re pulling cables, while the inner fibreglass of the rods is also covered by a 100% splinter-proof coating. Unlike others I’ve tried before, the ends are M4 threaded to give the rods a slimmer profile throughout their length.

Happy customer
I must confess to being a bit sceptical when I first saw the 4mm “super flexible” rod, as I really didn’t think that it would be up to much when it came to pushing against anything of any great substance. I am, however, happy to have been proved wrong on that one!

I recently took on a job where the client decided he’d like to change the position of a couple of lights after having the “flat” ceiling insulated, boarded and plastered. The SPIRA-FLEX rod was flexible and strong enough to slide between the plasterboard and insulation. After a little patching I was then left with a very happy client.

MightyRod PRO-Split-View

To extend the capabilities of the MightyRod PRO kit even further, it also comes with a set of ten accessories. These consist of a hook, “key ring” cable connector, chain end, gender changer, flat bullet, domed bullet, in-line swivel, magnet, flexi lead and torch. The cable connector is pretty standard, but some of the others provide a very innovative twist.

For a start, the hook end is actually useful! Most of the sets I’ve used in the past come with a hook that could probably best be used to replace a pirate’s missing hand and are far too big and bulky for most jobs. As a result the hook usually stays unused and you end up taping a bent wire coat hanger to the rod. The MightyRod hook, however, is slim and strong; very much the profile of that bent coat hanger but a lot tougher.

Additionally, the flexi end consists of a piece of spring wire with an M4 female end and a rounded steel cable end. This makes it flexible but also strong enough to return to shape when it passes the obstacle.

One improvement that could be considered is that the bottom end cap of the rod carry tube fell off a couple of times after dropping the rods into the tube, so perhaps a different material could be used or a slightly larger cap to hold to the tube.

All in all I was very impressed with the C.K MightyRod PRO set and they’ve certainly saved me some time on a number of jobs recently!

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