Product Test: HellermannTyton Spotclip

Product Test: HellermannTyton Spotclip

The HellermannTyton Spotclip is the focus of this latest product test. Find out how Kelly Vincent got on with the device.

We’ve all experienced finding poorly installed insulation/downlights. The fire hazard and heat damage we’ve come across on so many occasions has been unbelievable. The HellermannTyton Spotclip gives us a quick sure-fire way of solving this without breaking any building regulation by removing any insulation. They are designed to fit over the top of downlights to ensure a safe distance between the downlight and the insulation. We had a go at using them on a plasterboard ceiling and and a plaster ceiling. Cleary designed for a mortar-less ceiling they didn’t fit securely like they did in the plasterboard.

Providing the hole-size for the existing downlight has been cut a few millimetres bigger than required by the downlight, you will have no problem fitting them in. However, if the downlight has a snug fit and the hole is cut exactly to size, you will need to get the old plasterboard cutter and goggles out because the hole-size needs to be 4mm bigger to allow space for the Spotclip.

● Easy to install
● Great for retro fitting
● Ensures compliance with Building Regulations
● Thorough instructions

● Doesn’t make the downlight fire rated

Once fitted, the Spotclip felt secure in its position. I was really happy with them and felt confident that they would sit nicely and do their job! And to top it off its self-extinguishing and fire rated to comply with regulations!

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