Product Test: Jokari Cable Stripper

Product Test: Jokari Cable Stripper

Find out how our Product Tester Kelly Vincent got on with the Jokari Allrounder.

At first glance, I thought this brightly coloured lightweight piece of plastic was just another gimmick that I would toss aside. I was so very wrong! This is a fabulous little cable stripping tool that does the job perfectly! Despite not coming with any written instructions on how to use it, it was pretty much self-explanatory and I put it to use straight away.

Stripping flex has always been a nuisance for me, I usually use my electrician’s knife or my usual favourite cutters, but the accuracy of the cut doesn’t compare to the Jokari Allrounder. I can strip a piece of flex in less than half the time, it has a brilliant little blade at the opposite end of the tool which is for longitudinal cuts, so when stripping a long bit of flex its ideal!

It comes with a standard length allocator which allows you to fit the conductor into position and it strips the insulation back at an exact length, this allows consistency when stripping insulation back on multiple cables. You can purchase additional sized allocators which can be stored inside the Allrounder for a variety of lengths when required.

● Lots of different functions in one
● Well priced for a tool we use at least 10 times a day
● Brightly coloured, easy to spot
● Lightweight

● Wish it had come with a little manual on getting the most out of it and additional extras available
● Slightly on bulky size so unable to slot neatly into slim pockets of my tool bag

We tested the stripping tool on 3 Core, .5mm, .75mm and 1.0mm flex and the blades didn’t knick the
insulation on any of them. We also tested it on flat twin and earth 1.5mm and 2.5mm it worked perfectly giving a clean cut and perfectly stripped back cores. Highly recommend you go and grab yourself a bargain with this brilliant little everyday use tool!

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