Product Test: KableMate and Tools

Product Test: KableMate and Tools

Here, we find out how PE tester Gary Fisher got on with the KableMate range of tools.

We have all been there before, unrolling lots of different cable on site. What happens next? You’ve got yourself a twisted bird’s nest to untangle. Frustration doesn’t even come close.

This not only creates a mess it also, in most cases, would require another person to make sure that the cables were not tangling and to make sure that no one else on site is going to come through and trip over it all.

Obviously this is more of a problem on bigger site work, wiring through trunking and conduit, trying to keep cost and time to a minimum. You can still get in a two-and-eight with it on a smaller job but the consequences aren’t so severe.

In the past I’ve even tried to improvise, storing my cable on an old mop handle as a makeshift spool. Did the job well enough but it probably did look a bit amateur now I think about it.

A real problem requires a proper solution, and one of the best that I have come across is manufactured by KableMate.

The Daddy
You would think there would be a limited amount of talking points about a product that’s primary function is keeping coils of cable in check. However, the KableSpooler has been developed by installers for installers, so it has a few other nifty features that are well worthy of a mention.

Firstly, it comes in its own compact carry bag which can be held by the handle or thrown over your shoulder. Some sites are pretty large to walk around so this is very useful if you have to carry it a fair distance.

When you take it out of the bag, you first see the distinctive colour of the frame and side panel. The hazard warning yellow ensures you, and your equipment can be seen on-site protecting yourself and others from danger.

The frame is easily assembled using bars which are compactly stored within grooves in the side panels in between use. You then have the option of using the three spindles to place cable reels on as you see fit. You could place all your cable reels together in the middle assembly, or alter the configuration into more of a system (mains cable on one spool and low voltage in the other?).

The tough construction of the frame, coupled with its silicone edges helps prevent the system from warping or slipping. This means that once the reels are mounted in your chosen position, you can be confident of keeping your cables neat and tidy when you start pulling.

Take a seatKableBench
The KableBench is made of waterproof beech plywood with a non-slip finish on its upper side. Supporting up to 120kgs the bench sits on top of the KableSpooler, between the two triangular side panels, to provide the user with a useful surface to help with their work.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to turn this quite unique piece of kit into a place to rest your weary self and have a cup of tea, or better still to pull up and carry out any type of connection work without getting on your knees.

Where there is a lot of low level, repetitive work I can see this being an absolute god send!

The KableTray is another addition to the KableSpooler frame which fixes to the outside edge by means of two hook bars. This provides another useful surface to place your connectors and tools all at hands reach (and your tea of course).

So if you combine all these items together, you have a formidable piece of kit which, used in the right environment, can make the biggest job go with ease and perfection, and if that isn’t enough you can get extra long bars, and add more cable reels.

The KableMate range features a very simple selection of kit that is easy to assemble and carry about with you. Pulling cable may not be the biggest problem you have on site but this range has been designed to simplify a potentially frustrating job, helping you keep your equipment organised, reduce potential hazards and maintain a professional standard of work.

If you want to pull something then this is the family to do it; sensible kit for the sensible tradesperson.

Mini MeKableMini
So if KableSpooler is the Daddy what about the baby in the family, the KableMini?

As the name suggests, this product is designed for the domestic trade or on smaller commercial
contracts. It is initially capable of holding one coil of cable, but could be extended if need be.

I can see this being very useful when working in someone’s home taking that extra bit of care to keep your work neat and professional (keeping the client happy).

Easily assembled, it stands with its asymmetric legs supporting the spool and preventing it from toppling over. Like its larger version, the KableMini packs neatly away for storage with the spool hiding away in one of the legs.

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