Product Test: Klein Anti-Roll Screwdrivers

Product Test: Klein Anti-Roll Screwdrivers

Kelly Vincent recently put some Klein Anti-Roll VDE Screwdrivers to the test.

I have been using these Klein 1000v insulated screwdrivers as my go-to drivers for the last few weeks. I have found them extremely comfortable to use. And better yet, I haven’t lost a single one thanks to the anti-roll design so when I put the driver down in a hurry it doesn’t spin off the side and down the back of a cabinet, which I have done one too many times!

They have all the expected ratings from a set of professional screwdrivers, rated to 1000v with IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 standards. The cabinet-tip drivers come with great selection of tip sizes going up in 0.5mm increments starting at 2.5mm up to 6.5mm with varying shank length which is fantastic for lighting circuits, we all know lighting terminals come in such a huge range of sizes getting the correct size screwdriver can often be tricky.

● Comfortable to use
● Slimline design
● Good range of sizes
● Anti-roll design

● Can already notice blade identity markings slowly rubbing off on my used screwdrivers

I loved the orange colour, I’m tired of the common yellow and red combination and the orange makes them easy to spot on site. They fit perfectly into the screwdriver slots in my tool bag and I can grab the size I need without hassle because they all come with their blade identify mark on then ends making them easy to identify.

Another thing that stood out for me was the slimline design, whilst maintaining the level of insulation required for our job, they have a slimline end which is ideal and works perfectly when wiring up RCBO’s! With other ranges the screwdriver with the correct size blade is too wide to fit into an RCBO live/neutral terminal, but this one fits perfectly!

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