Product Test: Snickers Workwear Part 1

Product Test: Snickers Workwear Part 1

Professional Electrician’s Dan Tovey tries on the latest site-proof workwear from Snickers’ Winter/Spring 2016 range. In Part 1 of this two-part series, he shares his thoughts on the Half-Zip Sweater and Rip Stop Trousers.

Spring may be on the horizon but I’m sure many of you will agree that warmer weather can take its sweet time to arrive when you are on site. If you are cold or uncomfortable at work it’s always going to be that much harder to complete a job quickly and to a professional standard. I took a closer look at a few of the highlights from Snickers’ Winter/Spring range, designed to keep you working comfortably in whatever conditions the day throws at you.

Half-Zip Wool Sweater
The Half-Zip wool sweater (pictured above) is a great addition to the Snickers range and is ideal for working outside at this time of year when it is still on the chilly side. Snickers say it is made of all natural wool and it certainly is comfortable; thick enough to keep you warm but not too heavy and restrictive.

This is a nice sweater and I definitely would not want to be crawling around the floor wearing it, getting it covered in dust. However it has been manufactured with practicality in mind. The sweater sleeves are reinforced at the elbows and forearms with a polyamide patch and I’d be impressed if you managed to wear your way through that.

Seeing as it is made of wool, I would have thought the sweater would be a pain to keep clean and wash. However, Snickers claims the product “resists odour naturally” and boast that it can be worn for long hours without needing to be cleaned. However, I’m sure there is a limit to that particular feature.

Rip Stop TrousersTrousers-D30-XTR-2
These hard-wearing work trousers are made from rugged yet lightweight rip-stop fabric. They feature an advanced cut with the manufacturer’s Twisted Leg design, Cordura reinforcements and plenty of pockets and holsters for tools, pens, phones or anything else you would like to carry around with you.

The kneepad pockets feature specifically placed seams to keep pads securely in place. The side holsters are spacious with wide openings for ease of accessibility. This is great if you like to carry all of your small tools and fixings on your person, but they can be quite flappy and irritating if that’s not your thing.

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