Product Test: Unilte Prosafe LED Range

Product Test: Unilte Prosafe LED Range

Professional Electrician’s Product Tester, Kelly Vincent, gives her expert view on a batch of Unilite products.

I have been using the Unilite rechargeable inspection light, head torch and inspection pen light for the last few months, and they’ve very quickly become my reliable source of lighting for all my jobs especially as they all have a very cool, very stylish casing with fluorescent detail so easy to find amongst my unusually disorganised van.

PS-P1 Aluminium Pocket Inspection Penlight
This handy little lightweight penlight is perfect for clipping to or popping into your pocket for quick access to a super bright 220 lumen light. It seems to last a lifetime (although in reality it’s only 3-5 hours depending on the quality of your AAA batteries), because I use it often but for short periods of time. There are two levels of brightness and also a flashing effect which is handy when trying to get someone’s attention! These are selected with a rubberised switch which makes the frequent turning on and off comfortable for your thumb. It has a brilliant iron alloy magnet which allows it to be mounted on a metal surface when you need two hands free for work. The range of light is excellent at 10m for such a small device.

PS-IL6LED Inspection Light
This little piece of equipment is now a permanent fixture in my tool Unilite-PS-IL6LEDbag, it comes with me everywhere. The 600 lumens are super bright, with a crisp white light. It illuminated an entire two-storey loft space which definitely impressed me (believe it or not, I’m scared of the dark!); I was able to work from all angles with only slight manoeuvring of the inspection light.

There are various ways you can position this one: if you need two hands for the job it can sit up at various angles using its own stand which pulls out and easily snaps back into place. If there’s no flat surface around it can be perched on something with its hanging hook. My personal favourite feature, which comes in extremely handy when there’s metal surfaces around, is its built in alloy iron magnet.

The light is perfect for those winter nights when working outside because it has a tough IP54 rated polycarbonate casing, it can also handle impact when it slips out of your grip! The light power remains strong for around four hours, which is perfect for a consumer unit upgrade, and the charge can be topped up from the van with its handy 12V car adaptor charger or can be plugged in on the go with its USB cable. This is my go-to light for big jobs where I need a really good light for an extended amount of time, it’s very versatile and perfect for us electricians!

PS-H4 Helmet Mountable LED Headlight
The head strap adjustments took a little getting used to on Unilite-2this one. While it’s not as comfortable as some of the head torches I’ve used, once I got the perfect balance the rubberised headband remained in position well and didn’t lose elasticity which can often happen with poor quality head torches. It’s also helmet mountable which in theory is brilliant, but fortunately I don’t wear helmets as I am rarely on site! The 200 lumens gives ample light when completing detailed tasks in the dark, and the head is easily and smoothly rotated to get the accurate angle needed to light up your workspace. It has an IPX4 rating so is useful for wet jobs during winter (or summer in this country!). It has a sliding diffuser which I didn’t need to use, but can imagine comes in handy when needed.

There are lots of operational modes that can be selected; high, medium, low, flashing, red (amazing idea for night vision) and flashing red. The super idea of emergency flash lighting which, when batteries are full, has a 50-hour run time. I would have liked this to be rechargeable because I am awful at remembering to stop to pick up replacement batteries.

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