Product Test: Werner Fibreglass Ladders

Product Test: Werner Fibreglass Ladders

In this latest product test, Kelly Vincent explains why these Werner Ladders are “ideal for installing lights in high ceilings and consumer units located above doors”.

These bright yellow, fibreglass Werner steps are slip resistant and very sturdy, capable of handling a massive 150kg load. I tried the five-tread height which was approximately a foot taller than my old five-tread ladders. This was ideal for installing lights in high ceilings, consumer units located above doors and it allowed me that extra reach I often need whilst still being small and lightweight enough to pop into the back of my work van.

What I loved most about this ladder was the holster top design. The ladder features specially designed holes for screwdrivers, tape measures as well as compartments to keep a selection of screws and bits. There’s even a drill holster which meant I could organise myself better, take all my tools up the ladders with me and interchange as necessary without having to keep going up and down on my ladders every two minutes – allowing me to save time and most importantly, energy! There’s even a specially designed grove to allow a paint tin of various sizes to sit securely if you’re a multi skilled electrician who also makes good their work!I had a quick look on the Werner website and there are lock-in accessories that you can buy such as a Job Caddy with four compartments to keep screws and other materials which would be amazing for storing bulbs, hammers, etc. again saving time and increasing productivity; a brilliant idea!

● Very sturdy and strong
● Brilliant holster top design
● Brightly coloured, easy to spot
● Lightweight and easy to carry and store in the van
● Great accessories for holster top to expand use
● Interchangeable foot pads

● Stiff to open and close

I did like the idea that these steps come with ‘easy to use’ internal spreaders for opening and closing, meaning you can use one hand to pull them close. However I found them very stiff so although I had to loosen the brackets with two hands, I was able to close them with one handed.

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