The KNIPEX Alligator®: performance, power and comfort

The KNIPEX Alligator®: performance, power and comfort

The robust KNIPEX Alligator® range of water pump pliers are a remarkable piece of engineering ingenuity and offer much more than comparable pipe wrenches. They are the well-established industry standard for Water Pump Pliers and the KNIPEX 88 01 250 provides all the benefits in one tool.

Plumbing and heating work is often performed in confined spaces and the arched adjustment slot and slim head shape of the Knipex Alligator are an advantage here.

The 88 01 250 pliers provide a large number of grip widths due to the 9-step locking adjustment: pipes up to 50 mm (2 inches) and nuts up to 46 mm, which is 30 % more than with standard water pump pliers.

The box joint makes the wrench very stable, but also means all models are significantly lighter than conventional pipe wrenches. The gripping surfaces have specially hardened teeth to enable continuously reliable performance, and the special self-locking jaw geometry is designed to grip pipes and nuts, allowing all energy to be used to rotate the workpiece; also, painful hand injuries are prevented by the anti-pinch design of the handle area. They guarantee professionals the firm, reliable gripping of flat, round and polygonal profiles.

All members of the KNIPEX Alligator® family have impressive energy-saving and secure handling characteristics, are very strong and have a remarkable gripping capacity. The robust and practical adjustment mechanism means the tool can be adjusted easily to the workpiece and allows a comfortable gripping position.

With the 180, 250, 300 and 400 models of the Alligator®, KNIPEX has an impressive range that covers work on pipes with diameters of up to 3 ½” and across flat widths of up to 95 mm.

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