The workwear of the future – Mascot Customized range

The workwear of the future – Mascot Customized range

Workwear of the future is how Mascot is describing its new Customized collection

Tradespeople now and in the future demand workwear that is as light and comfortable as sportswear, as durable as workwear, and preferably with the highest possible proportion of recycled materials.

Mascot Customized workwear is a range developed to be extremely long lasting and made from a high percentage of recycled materials. With the large number of products, product types and new colours in the range, it is possible to put together a personal look that is not only comfortable to work in throughout the day but strong, lightweight, hardwearing and water repellent.

Long wear life

One of the most important considerations for this manufacturer when it comes to workwear, is long lasting, hard-wearing clothing. That is why high quality and durability are central to the new garments. Workwear is exposed to many elements and surfaces throughout a working day. That’s why all materials have been through extensive laboratory testing many times before being put into production.

The range was developed not only for tradespeople but in collaboration with tradespeople to ensure it is ‘Tested to Work’. Having communicated with the people who will spend all day working in the clothing, guarantees a product with functionality that will withstand the wear and tear to which they are always exposed.

Holster pockets

Having your tools at the right time and in the right place is always an important consideration. Holster pockets can serve as your toolbox when you work in places where you don’t have all your tools and fixings to hand. Mascot Customized has taken account of this important accessory by creating various types to suit various needs.

You will find holster pockets specifically developed for electricians, painters and other craftsmen and tradesmen requirements. The company’s Click Pocket System is a new way to ensure your holster pockets stay in place in your preferred position. Place the pockets where you prefer with a simple click, and you can also decide how many you use in any given situation. This new system extends the lifespan of your trousers and provides added freedom of movement.

Recycled material

When creating new workwear, hardwearing textiles are essential. Equally as important is a consideration for the environment and that why Mascot pays close attention to acting responsibly. Customized contains workwear from recycled materials that have a very high wear resistance. In the new range, you will find trousers and upper body garments where the main material is made of anywhere up to 87% recycled materials taken from discarded textiles. The range also utilises discarded plastic materials which are broken down and recycled into new resources

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