Timeguard | PIR Presence Detectors

Timeguard | PIR Presence Detectors

New high-performance recessed ceiling-mounted PIR Presence Detectors from Timeguard have been designed with installers in mind.

The Timeguard PIR Presence Detectors are easy to fit, set up and adjust. Just connect the wiring box, slip it through the ceiling aperture, and plug in the detector using its RJ11 connector before spring clipping into the ceiling. Even better, you can plug in up to five slave detectors, all controlled from a single master. That’s six detectors in all – with an overall capacity of 240W LED/fluorescent lighting (2,300W halogen). You only need to set up once at the master, and of course, a master/slave set up will save you money as well.

Timeguard-PIR Presence Detector-Close

It’s a solution that’s ideal for corridors or large areas. On top of that, these new detectors have really accessible controls: there’s no need to remove the detector form its ceiling aperture and risk damaging the decor to get at them. Simply twist the detector and the inner cylinder drops down, revealing the controls for lux level (10 to 2,000 lux) and time (30 seconds to 30 minutes). Push up and twist, and the controls are hidden and locked away again. Each compact flush mounted presence detector has a diameter of just 47mm with an 8m detection field. They’re low profile and suitable for small ceiling voids, with standalone single detectors with accessible controls also offered.

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