Top Products 2021: LINIAN – NanoClip

Top Products 2021: LINIAN – NanoClip

The LINIAN NanoClip is a fire-safe, 18th Edition compliant cable clip designed to fit 2mm and 3mm fibre optic cables, hearing loop cables and any other small diameter cables.

It offers a neat and discreet way to fix small cables in domestic, commercial or industrial applications. Due to its ‘nano’ size and multiple colour options, the NanoClip is almost invisible against the cabling, offering a tidy, 18th Edition compliant installation.

The product has been trialled successfully and approved with two major companies in the fibre cable installation industry, and now LINIAN has introduced the product to the wider market.

The NanoClip is ideal for any installation where a safer, simpler and smaller solution is needed.

Watch the NanoClip animation video by clicking here

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