Top Products 2021: NET & SparkyNinja – Inspection & Testing App

Top Products 2021: NET & SparkyNinja – Inspection & Testing App

As part of its ongoing work to support candidates taking the AM2, AM2S or AM2E, NET launched a new App that allows individuals to try out some of the tests they’ll encounter in the assessment.

Developed in conjunction with renowned industry figure Sparky Ninja (aka e5 Group member, David Watts), the App presents five key tests:

1. Continuity of Protective Conductors

2. Continuity of Ring Final Circuit Conductors

3. Insulation Resistance

4. Earth Fault Loop Impedance

5. Prospective Fault Current.

For each test there is an instructional video with Sparky Ninja describing and carrying out the steps involved. Then, via a series of interactive tasks, users can carry out the test by dragging and tapping the animated test instrument, distribution board and other equipment.

Download the App from the App Store by clicking here

Download the App from Google Play by clicking here

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