TREND Networks launches advanced Cloud reporting for entire VDV II cable verifier range

TREND Networks launches advanced Cloud reporting for entire VDV II cable verifier range

The VDV II Basic, Plus, and Pro copper cable verifiers from TREND Networks will now all be Bluetooth-enabled to support enhanced test reporting with the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App and test management system. The new cloud connected verifiers will enable users to quickly, easily, and accurately create and manage test reports; making them ideal for technicians working in voice, data, and video applications.

“All too often, industry-leading test management capabilities are only available for users of the most complex cable testers,” explains Dan Barrera, Director of Product Innovation for TREND Networks. “However, with the latest update to VDV II, we are bringing advanced reporting benefits to an affordable, entry level wiremapper – the type of tester that the majority of installers or technicians need to have in their bag.”

“By covering users from Basic to Pro, we’re ensuring that all users can experience the same time and cost savings, alongside the dependability and accuracy they expect from TREND Networks,” he continues.

The new VDV II models connect reliably to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App using Bluetooth, storing the test results on the user’s phone in real time. It’s as simple as creating a job folder in the app, connecting the tester to a cable, and then sending the test results. Once these are in the app, users can then tap ‘upload’ to transfer the results to the online TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system in seconds. Here, test results can be organised, and professional PDF reports can be exported.

This seamless data transfer also benefits Project Managers. With access to a wider range of test results from their co-workers in the field in a single web-based test management system, they can now standardise their workflow and improve efficiency. The highly-secure TREND AnyWARE Cloud already supports testers from TREND Networks, including PoE Pro, LanTEK III/IV/IV-S cable certifiers, and SignalTEK 10G bandwidth tester.

The latest version of TREND AnyWARE Cloud also uses AnyWARE EXPLORER, offering Project Managers a simple, file-tree navigation user interface, like those used on desktop operating systems. This makes it easier to find the specific job needed, sort results, or build out subfolders to organise results by building, floor, room, rack, or panel.

Using the TREND AnyWARE Cloud app, installers can also add photos to test results to give Project Managers a more accurate documentation that proves the job has been completed correctly. With faster access to test data, businesses can be confident that there are no errors in an installation before a technician leaves the site. This helps reduce the cost of call-backs further down the line.

The new VDV II Series retains all the dependable functionality of previous models, which helps users document proper operation and eliminate guesswork when installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting data, voice, and video cabling.

“Wiremapping and cable verification is commonplace, so we already had a great solution for that in the VDV II series,” says Dan. “However, this game-changing update enables a large proportion of installers and technicians to Depend On Us to change the way they work for the better, maximising efficiencies, even on the simplest jobs.”

Order the new VDV II Series now from TREND Networks distributors or direct from the online shop here 

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