Unilite: USB rechargeable safety vest light

Unilite: USB rechargeable safety vest light

Unilite are renowned for producing the highest quality lighting and now we have combined this with PPE. The SV-01Y is a robust high-vis vest that provides the wearer with ensured working safety and a fantastic lighting performance, fusing both qualities together to produce one of the most sought-after products to hit the trade in years.

The vest is certified to EN ISO 20471:2013 class 2 safety standards, to illuminate the wearer from all potential angles. For added safety, the vest is also Fire Retardant and certified to the safety standard EN ISO 14116:2015, further safeguarding the protection of the wearer, a feature that isn’t common for all safety vests.

Now for the unique part of this vest. On its front, there is a high quality, detachable, 150 lumen Samsung LED light. This provides a quick access source of light to illuminate the area in front of the wearer, allowing a useful light to work in, where darkness would otherwise prevail.

In terms of its output, the LED light has a run time of 2 and a half hours on full power and up to 6 and a half on a lower setting. The beam has a fantastic 13 meters range, meaning no distance is too far for this professional illumination tool. As user safety is always a concern for Unilite, there is also an additional 2Hz flash mode that can provide extended visibility. Regarding power, it is provided via a lightweight Lithium-Polymer battery and can be charged quickly in 4 hours, meaning the operator can quickly get on with the job at hand.

When searching for the next generation of PPE, look no further than the SV-01Y to deliver on paramount safety performance and superb lighting proficiency.  

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