USB-C Socket Outlets from M2

USB-C Socket Outlets from M2

Introducing the NEW M2 USB-C socket outlets. As technology changes, here at M2 we ensure we have the most up to date product developments ready for our customers.

In recent years, the development of USB-C ports on devices, ranging from smartphones to laptops, has marked a significant advancement in technology. With the evolving demands of modern consumers, the USB-C ports offers a range of benefits over the types that came before it.

One notable advantage of the USB-C port is their reversible design, eliminating the frustration of attempting to plug in the cable the correct way. This user-friendly feature has become particularly appreciated in an era where convenience and efficiency are paramount. In addition, the USB-C port offers higher power delivery capabilities, meaning quicker charging for connected devices.

As technological developments continue to progress, the adoption has been widespread, with major tech companies incorporating these ports into their devices. With both ends of the chargers being the same this ensures a bidirectional charging function and further eases the customer experience.

As a result of this technological shift, M2 have introduced a new range of sockets incorporating USB-C charger outlets, to ensure we continue to provide our customers with the latest products. Available in multiple finishes from the flagship M2 slimline white moulded to the stylish M2 decorative and decorative screwless plate finishes. With many finish options, these socket outlets will seamlessly integrate with all interior designs.

We have also incorporated this new technology onto all of our five new decorative and decorative screwless plate finishes. Whether you require the popular painted matt black or the statement copper to complement your interior, the new USB-C socket outlets are available.

These latest additions complement the existing ranges of USB socket options available from M2 including dual type A or type A&C, in one and two gang plates. All tried and tested to the latest wiring regulations and compliant to BS 1363-2, means you can install with confidence.

With a range of choices, visit the M2 website for more information – – or contact the business directly.

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