Vexbox releases ‘intumescent’ version

Vexbox releases ‘intumescent’ version

New product will enable installations to comply with Part B of the Building Regulations.

Recently released to market, the Intumescent Vexbox system is based on the same principle as the highly successful original version of Vexbox.

Both systems can form either a twin or single profile and vary in extension from 5 – 35mm. Therefore, electrical boxes which have been set too far back into the wall can be extended to close the gap between the front of the box and the plasterboard, giving the plasterer an edge to work to, and providing for a superior quality wall finish.

At the same time, if the intumescent version of Vexbox has been installed, which has been fully tested in accordance with EN1364/1, this enables the installation to comply with Part B of the Building Regulations by re-instating the fire-proof integrity of the wall. In a fire situation, the intumescent material expands to approximately 14 times its original volume.

Combined with the patented “wrapping of tape” to prevent the flow of char into the wall, a dense barrier of carbon is formed which prevents the passage of fire.

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