Wallbox has its finger on the Pulsar with new home charger

Wallbox has its finger on the Pulsar with new home charger

Pulsar Max, Wallbox’s latest smart home charger, is designed to unlock time, money and energy savings for everyday EV drivers.

It has advanced performance and a charging power from 7,4 up to 22 kW, which is combined with a new design and additional features, including enhanced security that protects against physical damage and cyber attacks, ultimately reducing service costs and on-site visits for installers or CPOs.

The product was specifically designed to improve the installation process. In addition to increased uptime which reduces the need for on-site visits, the charger was designed with a new backplate for an easier and faster installation.

Pulsar Max comes as standard with Wallbox’s proprietary energy management solutions, such as Power Sharing, which allows you to charge multiple EVs at once; Power Boost, which balances the available energy between home and EV charge; and Eco-Smart, which uses the surplus energy from solar panels to charge the EV. All of which have been designed to offer users increased control and flexibility over their charging.

The unit can be controlled through the myWallbox App. In fact, it is possible to monitor and control the charger status from anywhere, get real-time energy consumption and spending statistics, and protect the charger with remote lock and unlock. New to the App is Halo Light Standby, meaning the charger light will remain off until the user interacts with the charger. It can also be connected to any smart device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing users to manage charging even when there is no internet connection.

Users can also save money and lower their impact on the environment by scheduling charging sessions through the myWallbox App. By charging during off-peak hours in terms of energy costs drivers can expect to save up to £180 (subject to the customer’s tariff).

Pulsar Max keeps the advanced performance of the Pulsar family, while introducing new features such as a new import terminal, with intuitive connection between ports and power cables, and a new backplate, which saves installation time with a new easy to mount and handle design.

In addition, an IP55/IK10 for indoor and outdoor installation, a 5m Type 1 or Type 2 cable (7m optional), an integrated PEN fault protection, an enhanced Power Sharing up to 100 chargers, and an always-ready cable, with a weight of 1.3kg (without cable). This updated future-proof design makes ease a priority from installation to use.

Wallbox developed an ultra-fast advanced CPU specifically for use in EV chargers which enables high processing speeds and future-proofed software capabilities to ensure the longevity of Pulsar Max. Finally, it has weather and dust protection, perfect for indoor or outdoor installation, and a scratch-resistant matte finish, with a Rated Current of 32 A (1P) / 32 A (P), and a Rated Frequency of 50 Hz / 60 Hz.

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