Watch: Back Box Saver

Watch: Back Box Saver

The Back Box Saver saves the installer the time and trouble of replacing the back box.

A badly installed electrical back box can result in a socket faceplate that is too high, too low or sloping. Until now the only proper solution was to suffer the time and expense of re-installing the back box. Thanks to the Back Box Saver, one installed on each of the two back box lugs, allows the faceplate to be raised, lowered or tilted by plus or minus 5mm.

The existing 3.5mm faceplate screw can be re-used in most cases even if the thread has been damaged as the Back Box Saver has been designed to overcome this problem. Should you require it, a replacement screw is included.

Problem: The threads in the lugs securing the socket or switch into the back box can strip, meaning the socket cannot be firmly fitted. The current solution – replacing the back box just because of a stripped lug – is time-consuming and costly, especially if the wall is re-decorated.

Back Box Saver Solution: Back Box Saver allows the back box still to be used, by overlaying a reinforced nut onto the stripped lug to provide a secure fixing for the screw to engage. Back Box Saver fits most lugs and repairs a stripped thread in most cases.

Back Box Saver pack includes:

  • Reinforced T-fixing
  • Sleeve in three sizes to fit most lugs
  • Replacement 3.5mm screw
  • Adhesive pad to fix Back Box Saver position if required
  • Instruction leaflet
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