Watch: Draper Prolaser Distance Measurer

Watch: Draper Prolaser Distance Measurer

The Draper 70M Prolaser Distance Measurer (D370) measures area, volume and indirect measurements using triangulation.

Designed for professional tradespeople who frequently need to make accurate measurements, the Draper D370 is capable of measuring distances up to 70M/230ft, volume and indirect measurements using a triangulation method. It’s fitted with tripod-ready thread and features advanced memory function with an accuracy of ±1.5mm.

The D370 memory holds up to 20 measurements. You can display the measurements on the screen from the Settings menu. It has three reference points in relation to the unit – rear, middle (tripod thread) and front. By default, the reference point is set at the rear. You can also mount the D370 to a tripod using the ¼” threads located at the back of the unit.

All the Prolaser range that have laser beams are Class 2 lasers, which when used correctly, with the relevant safety glasses are safe to the human eye. This is because the blink reflex will limit exposure to no more than 0.25 seconds. It only applies to visible-light lasers (400-700nm). Class 2 lasers are limited to 1MW continuous wave or more if the emission time is less than 0.25 seconds or if the light is spatially coherent. Intentional suppression of the blink reflex could lead to eye injury.

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