Watch: Electrorad Digi-Line Radiator Range

Watch: Electrorad Digi-Line Radiator Range

Exclusively manufactured in Britain, Electorad’s Digi-Line radiators work with a built-in digital electronic thermostat with a radio frequency receiver.

Electrorad Digi-Line radiators are filled with a thermal fluid to transfer heat to the whole of the surface area without the need for any pump or moving parts. The fluid is heated by 100% efficiency electric elements which are controlled by the most advanced thermostat electronics available.

The radiator body is constructed in steel and powder coated to ensure a high quality, extremely long lasting and robust finish. The range is available in 500mm & 300mm heights and power ratings from 500 watts to 2000 watts. Single panel and double panel radiators are available and both have convection fins to ensure the perfect balance of radiant and convected heat.

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