Watch: Focus SB Prism 1 Installation

Watch: Focus SB Prism 1 Installation

Make your switches almost disappear with Focus SB’s clear plate – Prism.

Focus SB’s Prism clear switch plate is a high quality accessory that sits discreetly in an interior. Thanks to the following features, your Prism switches will go unnoticed in most settings:

  • Flat plate acrylic
  • Bevelled and flame polished edge
  • Secondary fix
  • Slotted screws
  • Supplied with a template for fitting

This Clear Acrylic thermoplastic face plate is screwless allowing the aesthetics of the interior to really shine through.

Ensure the painted background is completely dry and as smooth and as flat as possible before beginning the installation of the clear switch plate.

Once the switch has been installed, you must make sure the face of the grid is level or just below the face of the wall to avoid stretching the perspex plate.

It’s important you ensure the metal face of the insert grid is a fraction below the level of the wall surface. Remember to screw in gently before adjusting and avoid over tightening.

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