Watch: Jokari Allrounder With Locator Box

Watch: Jokari Allrounder With Locator Box

The Jokari Allrounder is ideal for stripping standard round and flat cable including building installation and industrial cables.

The Jokari Allrounder Stripper is for round and flat cables. The tool has a range of applications from building services to industrial use. Some of the great features include an extra blade for longitudinal cut and two stripping notches with length stop for stripping conductors. The removable length stop is also suitable for left and right hand use and can be stored in the tool handle.

Remove sheathing of round cable:

  1. Position stripper around cable, close half-shells, squeeze with befitting pressure and turn tool a 1/4 turn to right and left.
  2. Detach cable sheathing with scales slightly pressed. Finished.

Wire stripping:

Choose correct size of stripping notch, insert wire, squeeze, detach. The length stop can be removed to strip longer sections and it can be fixed in the opposite half-shell for left hand use.

Warning: Never use tool on or near live electrical circuits!

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