Watch: Marshall-Tufflex Wire Basket System

Watch: Marshall-Tufflex Wire Basket System

Marshall-Tufflex is proud to present its new Fast-Coupling Wire Basket system that aims to provide a strong, lightweight cable management solution that can be assembled within four seconds.

Marshall-Tufflex has a comprehensive range of wire basket solutions for the simple routing of power and data cables. The range consists of three variations including high load, and self-coupling systems.

The unique ripple design of the base of the basket allows for the easy threading of cable ties and increased load capacity with greater resistance to flexing.

The fast-coupling system allows sections of wire basket to be simply joined together for super-fast installation using the integral couplers.

  • Strong, lightweight and simple to install
  • Unique rippled wire to enhance product strength
  • Safety edges to prevent cable damage and personal injury
  • Corrosion resistance, can be used in harsh environments
  • Maximum ventilation, inspection and cleaning of cables
  • Extremely flex resistant under load
  • Simple manipulations to the wire basket can overcome complicated changes in direction
  • Fire resistant to E90 DIN 4101 section 12

The wire basket is available in Electro-Zinc as standard; however hot-dip galvanised steel and stainless-steel finishes are available for selected systems in order to cater for different environments.

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