Watch: Martindale TEK Series

Watch: Martindale TEK Series

Dave Austin demonstrates the Martindale TEK100, TEK101, TEK200 and VT7 and explains what application is each best suited for.

Voltage indicators have different ranges and sensitivities: choosing the right one avoids misleading results that can lead to wasted time or financial losses.

The TEK100 will detect the presence of voltages ranging between 100 and 600 volts and is CAT IV safety rated to 600 volts as well.

The TEK200 also has the additional capability to detect the presence and polarity of magnetic fields produced by relays, solenoids and transformers.

The TEK101 has a CAT IV rating of 1000 volts, an extended probe tip for accessing conductors in confined spaces and its sensitivity has been optimised for discriminating between adjacent conductors at close range.

The VT7 is a single pole contact detector which can be used for identifying live panel casings. It has been designed for testing in situations where other indicators may not work so reliably for example, where the user has to wear PPE which may inhibit the natural leakage of some current to earth that other devices rely on.

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