Watch: One Electrical LED High Bays

Watch: One Electrical LED High Bays

One Electrical’s LED High Bays have been installed in many warehousing, distribution and leisure applications including Amazon warehouses, timber production factories, ice-rinks and skate parks.

Various colour temperatures are available that can meet the desired effect for different environments. LED High Bays can eliminate the dull effect caused by lower colour temperatures of sodium lamps, or remove the high intense glare of mercury lamps. LED Bay lights can offer solutions custom designed to the colour temperature you require.

Using a powerful LED light source and highly efficient imported LED driver, you can save around 60% in electricity costs, when compared to sodium.

The cold light source means there is no heat radiation nor can it cause any damage to skin and eyes. LED Bay lights do not contain lead or any other substances harmful to health.

When laying the cables, make sure that the cables and plugs are not subjected to any tensile or twisting forces. Use only the LED driver included, and do not connect the lights to other loads.

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